Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Week 16 - Bell Ville - October 21, 2014

Hola! Como estan? Todo bien?  (Hello, how are you?  Is everything good?

Que bueno.  (Good)

No puedo creerlo! Yo cumplo 5 meses hoy! Que loco no? El tiempo es muy rapido en la mision.  (I can’t believe it!.  I have been out 5 months today!  How crazy, right?  Time goes very fast in the mission field)

First things first, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MOM!!!! I tried to call you on skype on Sunday but no one answered...... I guess we will just have to wait until Christmas.

Joke. oh man, Im cruel... sorry!!!!! No but really! Happy Argentine Mothers day from your cute little jokster sister missionary.  The missionaries from Argentina were able to skype their families, but you just have to wait until may!!! 

ok, I have a list of things written that I want to say, so I hope you can jump thoughts with me from paragraph to paragraph!

Yes, C* was baptized this week!!! In our last lesson with him before his baptism the following day, he said "Padre, ayudame Señor cumplir esta sueño mio de bautizarme" (Father, help me Lord to fulfill my dream of being baptized).  So precious.  He was so happy, and so were we.  This is what happens when we choose God and do what is right by following his commandments obediently in this life.  We are blessed with exceeding happiness and joy.  

Bueno, another crazy story from this week,  We were studying innocently, then the phone buzzes that we recieved a text message.  My companion screamed and said "Hermana, who is this from?"  Lo and behold, I have a teenage boy in love with me! ahahahahhahahahah The message said, "Hola wooly, te extraño"  (Hello Woolley, I miss you) we responded "Quien es?" (Who is this?)  Then this was his reply.  "Estoy enamorado de vos. (I am in love with you) Soy *. Simplemente estoy encantado con tanta belleza" (I am *.  I am simply enchanted with so much beauty). .... eh ok.  hahah He is an old investigador of the elders with 16 years.  The elders were laughing so hard when I showed them the messages.  What guts this kid has.  That is one thing I love about argentines.  THey dont get embarrassed for nothing.  it is too funny.  Who knows, I might just convert *, and marry him in a year in the Cordoba Temple. Sound like a plan? haha

ANNIE!!! Thanks so much for the quote! I love love love love to be in the mission and this girl said exactly what I feel.  The mission is the best and I love learning more each day and serving the Lord.

Dad, I loved what you wrote me this week about your p Blessing.  Mine says something almost the exact same. "You will be able to clearly teach so that your posterity and others you will be called to teach will no misunderstand but will gain a full understanding of following eternal principles."  Cool huh?

Yes, Im going to cut my hair this weekend! Ah IM SCARED! But there is an hermana who cut hair before the mish, so when she comes for the conference, she will cut off my dead ends. haha

Bueno, now the news of Hna Vela.  The truth is, that as we were writing yesterday in the library, She got a call from Pte Alliaud and there is a great chance that she will be sent home after the surgery this week.  For this, she had a mini meltdown.  The mission is not easy.  But there is no where else we would rather be.  We are emotionally exhausted, and we have trials everyday, but we are so happy and alive!  Yesterday was kinda hard with this news, putting my comp in fear and terror of what the verdict will be, so we decided to ask for a blessing from the elders.  I, too, asked for a blessing because I have been worried in how I can comfort my companion when the circumstances are so serious.  Elder Hannay, (Probs my best friend in the mish) offered to give me a blessing in english.  It was so powerful.  Not only was it a relief to hear english again, haha, but he said exactly what I needed to hear to bring peace into my life again.  His hands were so so so shaky on my head (like the old temple workers:), but it almost made it better haha.  I felt like the power of the preisthood was literally working through him on my behalf.  I want you all to know that I know that this church is true.  We have a living prohet, with his apostles, and we have access to the authority of God.  This is his restored gospel.  Yo lo sé.  It has been hard becuase we feel that we havent done anything to deserve this trial of health and surgery, but like dad said, Christ didn´t deserve anything that happened to him either.  At times it may seem unfair, but Christs love is so powerful, and we are undeserving of his goodness and sacrifice.  I will forever testify of this truth.  Jesus is the Christ, my Savior, and my King.    God is so real, and we are his children.  He hears prayers.  He knows us, and calls us by name.  (It was also cool/weird to hear my first name in my blessing multiple times, but it was a comforting feeling of love from a caring father.) Hna vela should be having her surgery tomorrow, we will find out today the details.

man, HOw quickly the time goes, the truth is that this transfer with Hna Vela has been particularly difficult.  For this reason, I have not had a lot to say.  When we come home late each night, I just dont have the ganas to write and complain about another bummer day.  I often feel simply discouraged or frustrated.  For this reason, I have goals to change, and it is all possible through Christ.  In these 40 days of fasting (its a talk called purificandoos (purifying ourselves))  there are specific things I am avoiding, or things I am adding to my daily routine to help consercrate myself in the work.  I know by doing this, despite how many times I mess up- God will give me the strength to endure, and the love to help the people here.  I hope that through my obedience and actions to change, I can be an example missionary, an effective missionary, a powerful missionary, and a worthy servant of the Lord.  It is a process and it is not easy, but I am working hard each day to better myself, and focus on the needs of those who are begging for the Spirit, and the love of Christ in their lives.  This past week, yes has been hard, but these are the greatest times we have.  To draw ourselves closer to our testimonies and rely on Christ and Heavenly Father.

Here is a quote that I love, Sorry, I only have it in Spanish, but maybe dad can translate it for the letter and blog.

"Recuerden, el Señor las ha llamado para tener éxito y no para que fallen.  Algunas veces parecerá algo terriblemente difícil, pero Él quiere que ustedes crezcan.  Él no las abandonará.  Su llamamiento fue inspirado por Él.  Él sabe  quiénes son.  Él sabe lo que necesitan. Él conoce lo que ustedes pueden llegar a ser y la experiencia de la misión es una oportunidad que Él les ha dado para descubrir cosas sobre ustedes, que no sabían; capacidades que nunca se imaginaron que tenían, fuerza más allá de la que nunca sintieron y la capacidad de amar y servir, las cuales las sostendrán el resto de sus vidas. Recuerden, ustedes han sido llamadas y Él ajustará la tarea a sus capacidades.  Lo testifico en El nombre de Jesucristo. Amén." Élder Richard G. Scott.
(Remember, the Lord has called you to be successful and not fail.  Sometimes it will seem to be something very difficult, but He wants you to grow/progress.  He will not abandon you.  Your calling was inspired of Him.  He knows who you are.  He know you need Him.  He is aware of what you can become and the mission experience is an opportunity that He has given you to discover things about yourself that you didn’t know; capacities that you never imagined to have, strengths greater than you have ever felt and capacity to love and serve, which will sustain you the rest of your lives.  Remember, you have been called and He will mold the task to your abilities.  I testify in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.  Elder Richard G. Scott)

I echo this testimony.  When we have trials, God enables us with our divine potentail and his everlasting love. 

I love you all. Please pray for my companion.
Have a great week! Hasta Lunes!! (until Monday)
con mucho amor, 
Hermana Woolley

 Hermana Karina Hill.  Our dad's have been great friends since High School

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