Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 11 - Nueva Cordoba - September 27, 2015

Heyo fam bam.  Sorry this week will probably be a shortened version of my crazy week becuase I took some of my writing time to look at those horrid clases.  However, it has been so long, that I have forgotten what going to school is like, and thus, I am not sure what to sign  up for.  Please look at it, and then give me some wise options for a recently returned missionary who may be a little out of it.  Por favor y gracias!

Also, to all of those that wrote me thanks! But I wont be able to respond your letters this week.

A few tips of advise:

-dont step in dog poop with your left foot
-dont leave/lose your keys at 10:30 pm as a missionary
-dont plan to travel a total of 14 hours in 3 days without any sleep

This week was exhausitng!  of the 7 days in the week, I slept in my bed only 1 night.

We went to La Rioja (a 7-8hr trip in colectivo from midnight until 7 am)  So we rode all night and then worked all day only to ride the bus back home and miss another night of sleep.  The next day we yet again had to travel at the butt crack of dawn to go to Leones.  And the return home trip robbed us of another night of sleep.  

Then get this. We had a ward activity and we shared desserts (mom I used your RECIPE FOR LIFE as a guide to share a spiritual thought).  We had permission to stay out until 10:30 pm if a member took us home.  So we enjoyed the night and then left with 4 plates each of all the extra postre from the party.  As we arrived at the pension, we noticed that nobody had the key.  I had left the key inide the pension, adn the other sisiters had lost the key in the street.  So we frantically called the members to start looking for the key in the church.  We waited a good 15 20 minutes.  Then it turned into an hour.  During this whole time, we sat outside our pension door just eating more dessert and placing crumbs everywhere.  When the members calle dto tell me that they didnt find the keys, it was 11:30-  aka EVERY MISSIONARY AT THIS TIME SHOULD BE ASLEEP.  we had to call the office elders to come and save us.  However, they had a spare key of every apartment in the mission besides ours!!! So en fin, we went to sleep in the minis house at 1 in the morning!  It was an adventure.  We felt bad for making the elders come save us, but thats what they are called to do no?  

Then it gets better.  As we walked into the house of the mini... I stepped in a HUGE pile of dog doo due to the darkness of the night that I have not known for so long.  And with my left foot.  aka bad luck here in argentina.  ANd all the bad carma worked against me de verdad.  In thefollowing 2 days, a bird pooed in my hair, a dog sat on my foot and let it all out (pee pee), a car drove by and completely splashed and soaked me.  We laughed even harder as each hour passed by and the bad things only happened to me and not my comp.  

We are just loving life here and soaking in every second of sun that we can get.  The climate is crazy and somedays it gets to 80 degrees and then the next day it will drop to 29 with clouds and rain.  No joke.  

This week will be a great week I just know it.  It is the last week of the transfer and President in encouraging us a ton!  

ps. bad news the cordoba temple will be closed the 2-16 of nov.  o sea, I cant go before going home ;(

Have a great week chillins!

love ya!

have a great week!

con amor,
Hurrah for isreal 
Hermana Woolley

to explain some fotos--- all the members and comps I have had tell me that I am a blue avatar so they always tell me to attach my braids in the soquets to charge up.  jajaj.  and we had a leadership training in cba yesterday.  

Hna Ascuña and I have won the "tierna hermanas" award.  the adorables.  We are absolute opposites in height and color, but we are so chill and cute that the people cant resist us.  This is us as minions.  Also, the height difference and the fridge just killed us.  She didnt even notice that there were vitamis arriba until about 3 weeks.  we died of laughter.  

I am so happy here.