Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 14 - Nueva Cordoba - October 19, 2015

well, you know me.  The time has run out responding to all the other emails and planning my future.  I wont have time to write out everything from the week, but I will be able to tell it to you in detail and in person in just a few weeks!

We have been having a real hard time finding people to teach, but this week we found 2 families!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As we called our Zone leaders to tell them the news, we all had ganas de llorar de gozo.  The president and assistents have been pretty worried about us and the area after seeing so many weeks without any prorgess as far as numbers go.  However, God allowed us to break that curse this week after sincere prayer and fasting, and all I wish is that these sweet sweet families we have met have the courage and feel the prompting to learn more and make covenants with god.  I now realize that I may not see the end of the stories of many of these people, but I sure have been impacted thus far, and I am sure any news of them in the future will bring the same joy to my heart.  We are working miracles here in the mission. 

I have learned that we cant do things on our own.  We need his help and guidance.  Also we need the help of the members.  Please be a help to your local missionaries back at home!!!!

Also, I sent the spanish email update to the presdient to know a little bit more. (very good letter - see below)

A* came to church´--- but we are thinking of maybe separating them instead of marrying them because they are not progressing. But we will keep praying to know what to do.

V* has lost her ID and so cant get married like we had hoped.  It is going to be a long process,so  we are bummed about that.  Also the jws got her, and when we showed up she had a ton of doubts. 

Basically our previous investigators are not able to progress right in this moment, so god gave us hope with 2 new families :)

have a great week!  Today we went to the zoo and laughed at the monkeys!

Are there things you are wanting me to buy here?  Should I get something nice fro the grandparents or brent since we are going to his house?

I am glad you like empanadas.  I am curretly trying to work on my cooking skills to let you all try the yummy things from here!!

con amor,
Hermana Woolley



Hi President:
Thank you for the letter of diligence (a challenge letter to work to the end)..AHHH.  I can’t believe that the time has gone by so quickly.

This week, God helpedme remember and strengthen my testimony of the fast and prayer.  As I have already told you we have not found anyone for many weeks.   After 4 weeks like that, we did not want it to be acceptable to not find.  We fasted on Tuesday.  We fasted on Saturday with the mission leader and sincerely asked for help from the members.   All of the sudden, they gave us referrals.   All of the sudden they began to pray for us and for the area and for their own missionary opportunities.

Thursday night, after trying to contact all of the referrals we were desperate.  At 8:59 we were still waiting for the miracle.  At nine oclock exactly, a lady came to the door and opened it (her doorbell didn’t work) and she let us in.  She learned of the church in Peru and lives with a lot of family.  We taught, testified and prayed.  She accepted everything and we have another appointment with her this afternoon.  We left with huge smiles!!!!!
But, it didn’t stop there.  Of Friday we stopped at a house.  The wife would not let us in because her husband was not home.  So, we went back the next day.  She was home with her husband and 3 children.   Before we left they asked us for a Book of Mormon.
Our Father in Heave made us so hapy and humble to be able to work with him.  We feel very priviledged.
I am very happy.   You were right that we may not  be able to see the miracle of their baptisms in my remaining time, but it is not really important to me.   The ability to find them, know them and hear their answer – so long waited for-  to my prayers has helped me so much. I hope they can come to the point of trusting in the Lord also and have the desire to make covenants with him.

Don’t we have reason to rejoice?

We have the truth and w know the Savior.

Hurrah for Israel!!!
Hermana Woolley

Hola Presidente

Gracias por la carta de los fieles..... AHH.  NO puedo creer que el tiempo ha ido tan rápido.

En esta semana, Dios me ayudó recordar y fortalecer mi testimonio del ayuno y la oración.  Ya le he dicho que no hemos encontrado a nadie por muchas semanas.  Después de 4 semanas así, no queríamos que era aceptable no encontrar.  Ayunamos martes.  Ayunamos sábado junto con el líder misional, y sinceramente pedimos ayuda de los miembros. De repente, nos dieron referencias.  De repente, empezaron a orar por nosotras, por el área, y por sus propias oportunidades misionales.  

Jueves por la noche, después de intentar contactar las referencias, estábamos desesperadas.  8:59 y aun esperábamos un milagro.  Justo a las 9, una mujer llegó y abrió la puerta (porque su timbre no funcionaba) y nos dejo pasar.  Ella conoció la iglesia en Perú, y vive con mucha de su familia.  Enseñamos, testificamos, y oramos.  Ella aceptó todo y tenemos otra cita con ella esta tarde.  Salimos con sonrisas tan grandes!!!!

Pero no paró ahí.  El viernes pasamos por una casa.  La mujer no nos hizo pasar por que su marido no estaba.  Entonces volvimos el día siguiente.  Encontramos a ella, junto con su marido y sus 3 hijos.  Antes de salir, nos preguntó del Libro de Mormón.

Nuestro Padre Celestial nos hizo tan felices y humildes en poder trabajar con él.  Nos sentimos tan privilegiadas.

Estoy muy feliz.  Nos dice la verdad en que capaz no voy a ver a estos milagros llegar a bautizarse aquí en mí tiempo, pero realmente no me importa.  El poder encontrarles, conocerles, y tener una respuesta -tan esperada- de mis oraciones me ha ayudado demasiado.  Ojala que puedan a llegar al punto de confiar en el Salvador también y tener deseos de hacer convenios con él.  

¿No tenemos razón para regocijarnos?

Tenemos la verdad y conocemos al Salvador.

Hurah por Israel.

Hermana Woolley