Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Week 13 - Nueva Cordoba - October 12, 2015

ok.  This cyber stinks  I will never come back here!  the compu has shut down 5 times now, and my hour is up.  I will not be able to write you all that I had hoped.  However, I did have a chance to look at classes again.  I sent some suggestions to allison, but I have no idea what to expect.  Also, I repeat that I do not have a date of when I will be going home!  I assume it should be coming to me in theses coming weeks.  But yes, they already called me to buy a ticket home.  I am assuming that transfers are the 15th of nov, then I will spend the day in Buenos Aires el tuesday, and wednesday I should be home there in your anxious arms.  Happy now?  That is what it looks like is going to happen, but they have not sent me flight plans ni a release date.  Take a chill pill.  Ill get there eventually whether you like it or not.

To keep you updated, my favorite memory of this week is when we watched the restoration with A*a!  We watched the newer full hour version.  She got a little lost, but at the end of the movie, I had tears in my eyes.  I copied the frase from the movie en saying, "You dont have to know Joseph Smith to know he was a prophet"  I then explained to her my testimony and also the close feeling of love, repect and gratitude that I have for him.  I truly feel like I know him, but more importantly, I know what he did, said, and saw is all truth.  He is a man called of God.  Simple testimony always gets my heart pounding.  She stared at the ground for a second.  She has been praying for about 3 weeks to know if what we are saying is true, but hasnt felt anyting.  Right after this moment, she looked at us, with a huge smile and said, "I think I have my answer..."  Pray for her to have the courage to talke to her boyfriend about marriage.  They both are young and have a fear of making such a big decision solo porque 2 extranjeras tell them they should.  we have a lesson with them tomorrow.  NAMES FOR THE TEMPLE ROLL: L*, y V*a, y J*.  We are in need of a huge miracle for these eternal families.  Good thing we believe and know that God is a a God of miracles.

Also, we had stake conference.  To my surprise, President Alliaud and his wife were there.  and just my luck.... I hadnt showered that day!!!!!  Our water heater normally runs out of hot water, and it is impossible to shower 4 young girls and have the hot water get to the last girl.  It was a cold miserable day, so I decided to hop in the shower after studies, but as duty calls, we had to run to an appontment.  We ran from appt to appt all day, and then traveled an hour to conference.  And that was the condition that they found me in.  Tired, almost 0 makeup and greasy hair on a saturday night.  (I am already worried about coming home with my greasy hair after hours of traveling and then habing you all wan to take pictures.)

Then, out of no where in the conference, I was writing down some notes, and Pte called me out of the audience to explain what a Situacion ideal is in front of the whole stake.  bingo.  Grease ball wrinkled skirt front and center.  I was so startled that there now is a line in my noteds from when he said my name, and my pen kept drawing.  jajaja.  Then I couldnt speak well because I turned bright red and got nervous.  oh well.  You win some you lose some.

At teh end of the conference on Sunday, the choir was singing the closing song, "nearer my god to thee".  It was storming outside and in the middle of the song, all the lights in the chapel went out.  Yet the choir kept singing.  Still all my song shall be nearer my god to thee.  Preisthood stood up and starting opening up the curtains.  They kept singing.  The presiding authority from the 70 had tears on his cheeks.  In the dark singing songs of praise and hope fro guidance in a fearful world.  As the choir sang, we were all crying, and even thinking about it right now brings tears to my eyes and goosebumps.  The lights come on right at the end of the song, and the electic piano came back in tune as well.  More tears.  What a special moment that I will never forget.  God heard our prayers and showed us he was close and always will be close.

I love you all, and next week I want your PONDERIZE scriptures for the week.  Last week I chose Words of Mormon 1:7.  And this week I have chosen Helaman 3:35

love you all 
we have the truth

con amor,
Hermana Woolley


fotos - today we went bowling as a zone and it put me trunky jajajaj ehhhhhhhh it was funny to see all teh elders use all there force and will to not dance along to the music. Jajaja

the other pics are of when we dance to the YMCA so we dressed up as the village people

pss also this week we redicovered mate.  I drank SOOOOO much, that I had a stomach ache, and yellow teeth after.  THen I pulled out my handy dandy electronic toothbrush to save the day.  After a slight stomach ache, I have decided to only drink 4 rounds of mate insead of 15.