Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 8 - Nueva Cordoba - September 7, 2015

Hey family,  (there will be pictures on her blog later tonight or tomorrow.
Today we had Pday de zona and we went on a tour of the main city of Cordoba (aka my area).  It was super fun and I remembered all of our days entering the catholic churches in europe and NYC.  I may have hated it at first, and the nuns may have given me fear, BUT! I have now overcome that, and the truth is I was super excited to go inside today.  after seeing the church the first time 15 months ago when I started the mission, today I was able to enter in and see it.  

Haha, the other day we were doing a splash and contacting in centro the other day, and suddenly all of the NUNS and CURAS (priests) came out of nowhere.  My heart was pounding and I naturally tried to avoid them all.  Hna ortiz was  laughing pretty hard.  Guess I have progressed, but not changed much.  

I like to conocer los lugares (sitesee), but only the buildings.  Not the curas (dont remember how to say in english....)[Priests]

Anyways, because of this pday.... i have little time to write, and I have not read the letters you have written.  But not to fear, I will print them out and read them like I always do. 

This week has been a week of testimony.
I dont only say that because of fast and testimony meeting yesterday, but because my testimony grew even more.

Like you can imagine, the changes in these last few weeks have left us exhausted. Physically making me sick.  fever, mucas, throat, coughing. and all that.  However, I did not want to spend any more time in the pension.  We went out to work many days althoough I was feeling pretty lousy.  But, the record was finally broken, and I got sick for the first time in the mission (besides a common cold or constipation:))  Now my voice is just a little raspy, and the sister like me to tell them stories so that they can hear my voice and laugh. When they laugh, I laugh, then i cough adn die.  When I called Hna Alliaud (mission Pres. Wife) to tell her I was sick she said WHO IS THIS?  Hna Woolley? You sound awful... like an elder!!  y si.  It however was a trial that only made my testimony stronger.  At the end of the week, I had convinced myself that I was not gonig to bear my testimony.  Im sick, my voice esta para tras (really bad), I testify every day, and there are about 100 members who also need a turn.  However, Yesterday my heart was opunding in a way that was too familiar.  I stood up and began to cry as I simply said that I am happy because I have the truth.  and it is true.  My man voice said it all :)  The spirit confimred to me that all will be alright and there is no need to worry. Ps, wore the flag proud (on fast Sunday she wears a necklace with an argentine flag emblem and the family at home wears similar pins/necklaces)  I dont like to think that I will only have the honor to match with you fools at home 2 more times. where has the time gone?

Wow, time is FLYING!!!!! 

V*a----- PASSED HER BAPTISMAL INTERVIEW!!!!! can I get a woot woot???  We are soooooo sooooo soooo excited.  You dont have any idea.  She will be baptized this saturday.  Keep praying for her, and the next fotos I will send will be her in white :)

Know that I am happy and I am well.  And now I know all the goods about Cordoba, that I will be sure to share with you in a few short months.  (that is if you havent already read every site on Cordoba- you probs know more about the history than I do. But I know how to dance quarteto!)

I love you all and invite you to bring a friend unto christ this week

Keep reading the book!

Pictures of our tours today,

till next week!

Hermana Woolley

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