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Week 12 - Rio Tercero - June 1, 2015

WHAT A WEEK!  Just when you think that things couldnt get any worse.... as I was emailing last week, someone stole my bike.  So now that leaves us without bikes, and without a cell phone.  It makes missionary work nearly impossible, and super frustrating.  But... There are always things to do.  

For starters.  I accomplished a dream this week that I never thought I would accomplish.  I CAN NOW SOLVE A RUBIX CUBE!!!!!! My fastest time is in 4:47 so take that.  Ha .  A member taught me in this week, and now Im a champ.  I am super happy.  Sometimes in the morning when I dont feel like excercising, I do a few brain excercises to wake me up with my rubix cube. hahaha.  Im gonna get fat :)

Also, I need to update you on Raul.  He is our neighbor who has an infection that is slowly killing him.  He was unable to move for 9 months, but now is walking.  Anyways,  This week we visited him and taught him about the Restoration and Jose Smith.  The spirit was so strong.  It was at the end of an awful day.  We got back to our apartment builing and decided to give his door a chance.  He let us in and earlier that day, I had taught the training in our District meeting.  We had focused on asking inspired questions  and following the spirit.  So, as we were passing through the doctrinal points of Lesson 1, I was specifically praying to konw when to ask an inspired uestion, and what to ask.  

It came quite quickly.  It was a simple question, but it made all the difference.  "Raul, have you ever truly been happy, simply happy?"
He looked at us and said, "sisters, I dont think I have ever been happy.  Do you think that you are happy here on this earth? What is your moment of true happiness?"

In that moment, the spirit filled the room as me and my companion shared moments of when we felt complete happiness.  Both of us happened to think and share the same experience-- entering into the temple.  We connected this love and pure amor (love) to the knowledge of the restoration.  Thanks to Jose Smith, we are able to experience that joy whenever we want.  We are happy and we have great reason to rejoice.  

At the end of the lesson he told us that for about a month now, he has been feeling anxious in his life, becuase he believes that a change is coming.  After teaching about Jose Smith and inviting him to be baptized he said, "This is the change I have been waiting for!"  He accepted to be baptized and we are now working on helping him rocognize his answer that this is the true church.  He is praying a lot, and we are working on the Book of Mormon.  Unfortunately, he did not go to church yesterday because he had to travel to his gmas house, but will go the following week.  

We are excited for him, and ask your prayers and fasts for him.  In the way that he responds, my comp an I believe that he already knows that it is true.  He just needs a little bit more faith to act on these feelings.  

At the end of each lesson he says, "I dont even know what time it is, and I dont even care.  I just know that I feel good inside."
 Pray for him.

This week I also ate some "yummy" argentine tradition.  For teh 25th de Mayo I ate "LOCRO".  yuck.  I felt so yucky inside.  It is a porridge with tons of chunks of meat.  But the thing is, you dont want to know what kind of meat you are eating.  Cow stomach.  Pig lining.  intestines.  And hairs everywhere.  It is the delicacy here.  Then they put a gross spicy sauce on top that just leaves you with ganas de vomitar (desires to throw up).  I had to eat 2 plates full because my companion didnt eat after 2 bites, so I had to make the member feel good about her "stew!"  We left feeling so sick.  look it up.  

I prefer French fries. One night this week, after another hard day, Hna Solar and I went and we just bought some french fries.  We sat down at a table, and ordered 2 portions of fries with fry sauce.  We sat there and ate happily whlie reading the pamphlet for the restoration.  We laugherd pretty hard as we realized how stupid we must have looked. 

 But nothing beats the looks we got when we rode the two of us on one bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  after my bike was stolen, a member lent us his bike, but after three blocks, the tire popped.  So we chained it to a tree, and kept going on with the one bike that we do have.   I sat on the bars above the back wheel with my long legs lifted up, and my short petite companion power housed it up hills, and through dirt roads peddaling her guts out.  We just laughed the whole time, so that brought the attention to us as well.  It was fun.  

Today for pday we cleaned every inch of the apartment.  No joke.  I felt like a little child cleaning base boards and leaving everything sparkling clean.   But now we have a clean apartment to have Rubix cube competicions.  :)

We also are teaching the Escobar Family.  They are super cute and even invited us over for an asado.  That means they love us.  They are super catholic, but they´ve started the Book of Mormon so things are looking good.

That is the weekly update.  Hope you have a great week.  I haven´t read your letters to me yet, so hope there is nothing too urgent or exciting.

Love you all! HAGS...jajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja

con amor,
Hermana Woolley

Hurrah for Isreal!

Hi President!
Well, this week reminded me of my time in Carlos Paz.  It was a difficult week.  Someone stole our bike and it complicated everything.   We are still without a cell phone, so it is complicated.  Nevertheless, our investigator accepted to be baptized!!!  Raul said that he feels a large change is coming in his live, and just then we came to his door.   He said tha the believes that this change is what he has been waiting for and when we taught him the Restoration, we all cried.  The spirit guided us to ask inspired questions, and now Raul hopes to find the happiness that he has never felt in his life.   We have plans to visit with the Bishop in order to get him a blessing of health and to give him strength and support.
My companion still is “flexible” with the rules, but I am trying to show her by example in every moment and correct with love.  We feel bad for all that we could do better, but this is the time to lear more about the Atonement of Jesus Christ.
I am goo and have goals to give all to the Lord.  “Your loyalty is first to the Lord, then to your mission president, then to your companion."  I am focused and improving my ability to plan effectively and make appropriate goals – with faith.
Thanks for everything!
Sister Woolley

Hola Presidente!

Bueno, esta semana me recordó de mi tiempo en Carlos Paz.  Fue una semana difícil.  Nos robaron nuestra bici, y se complicó todo.  Todavía estamos sin celular, entonces es complicado.  No obstante, nuestro investigador aceptó ser bautizado!!!!  Raul dice que se siente que un cambio muy grande viene en su vida, y justo nos caímos en su puerta.  Dijo que cree que esta es el cambio el estaba esperando, y cuando enseñamos La Restuaracion, todos nosotros lloramos.  El espíritu nos guió en hacer preguntas inspiradas, y ahora Raul espera encontrar la felicidad que nunca tuvo en su vida.  Tenemos planes para visitar con el Obispo para dar una bendición de salud, y ser un hermanamiento y apoyo.  

Mi compañera todavía es muy "flexible" con las reglas, pero voy a tratar mostrar el ejemplo en cada momento y corregir con amor.  Nos sentimos mal por todo de que nos falta, pero, ésta es un momento para aprender más de la expiación de Jesucristo.

Estoy bien y tengo metas para dar todo al Señor.  "Your loyalty is first to the Lord, then to your mission president, then to your companion."  Estoy enfocando y mejorando mi habilidad de planear eficazmente y poner metas apropiadas--y con fe.  

Gracias por todo.

con amor,
Hermana Woolley

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