Thursday, June 4, 2015

One Year Mark - Week 11 - Rio Tercero - May 25, 2015

Here is a video link from the dedication  (this has a lot of people i know in it)

What a year.  I can´t believe it has come so far.  I have experienced so much and prayed even more.  (super quick update---Ive got to go teach a lesson)

I guess you could call me a missionary.  This week, for pday, every thing was closed for a similar Memorial Day thing.  so we were stuck inside our pension.  And as my companion slept the day away... What did I find myself doing? reading the scriptures. hahahahahha.  When she woke up, I was so excited to tell her about the story I was reading in Helaman.  I read the entire book of Helaman yesterday because I literally could not put the book down.  Even though I knew what was going to happen, I was reading with such enthusiasm and amazement that I could not even dream about taking a siesta (nap).  I love that sacred book and I will always testify of its power.  If you haven´t read the entire book, now is the time to give it a try.  I promise that you will learn so much and feel closer to God than you ever have. If you are struggling with work- read the book.  if you want more friends- read the book.  If you need strength- read the book.  It is the answer to every difficulty in our lives because it points us to our savior.  Are you reading as a family?????????

JAJA this week I was teaching a FHE to the Colazo family and randomly they started singing Tra lalalallala lalala THE RUSSIAN SINGING AND SMILING!!! I basically started crying as it reminded me of you fools. I joined in singing with them, and turned bright red once I realized what I had done.  haha.  I dont know what came over me... it wasnt 11 o clock at night... so who knows ;)

The ward is struggling, but this week we gave some awesome talks to jolt their spiritual cords and unite us together.  Keep praying for us. I loved you letters this week.  Thanks for thinking of me :)  Im always thinking of you!  Finish the school year strong Love you!

Hermana Woolley

Hi President,
Thanks for the letter this week.  We couldn't write yesterday because of the holiday.   Everything was closed.
Nevertheless, this past week was my one year mark in the mission.  I can't believe it.  It gave me the opportunity to reflect on who I am as a missionary, how I have changed and what I have accomplished.  In the last year, I  have learned a new language, I have participated in the Cordoba temple dedication, I have made new friends which will last throughout my life, I have strengthened my relationship with the Godhead more than I have ever done before.  I have seen a new part of the world and its people, I have had bed bugs in my mattress, I have taught the gospel to many people, who were converted, baptized and made covenants with God.  It is a unique time and very treasured.
It has been difficult but it is worth the pain.
this week we made goals to help the ward.   It is not very united, with little progress.  We are now looking for more people to teach and dropping many who have not shown interest nor progress.  And, we have found 2 families.  The mission is a test of our faith.  I have been tested and have learned a lot.   I love the mission.  Thank you for sharing that great calling and experience with me and others.
My companion is struggling with the missionary lifestyle and the schedule is burdensome for her.   At times I feel bad and don't know how to help her do it so that we cna have more unity and success.  Do you have any suggestions?  I don't like to "reprimand/correct" but it is very importatn that we can have things right.
Thank you President,
Until Monday,
Sister Woolley

Hola Presidente,

Gracias por su carta esta semana.  No pudimos escribir ayer por causa del feriado.  Todo estaba cerrado. 

No obstante, esta semana pasada cumplí un año en la misión.  No lo puedo creer.  Me dio la oportunidad en reflexionar en quien soy como misionera, como he cambiado y lo que he  logrado.  En el ultimo año, he aprendido un idioma nuevo, he asistido y participado en la dedicación del templo de Córdoba, he hecho nuevos amistades, los cuales que van a durar toda la vida, he fortalecido mi relación con la trinidad como nunca había hecho antes.  He conocido un nuevo área del mundo y su gente, he vivido con chinches en mi colchón, y he enseñado el evangelio a muchas personas, las cuales se convirtieron, se bautizaron, y hicieron convenios con Dios.  Es un tiempo único y muy atesorado.    

Ha sido difícil, pero vale toda la pena.  

Esta semana, pusimos metas para ayudar al barrio.  Es muy desunido, sin mucho progreso.  Ahora estamos buscando a más personas para enseñar, y dejando a muchas quien no han mostrado interés ni progreso.  Y, hemos encontrado 2 familias.  La misión es una prueba de nuestra fe.  He sido probado, y he aprendido mucho. Amo a la misión.  Gracias por compartir ese gran llamamiento y experiencia conmigo y los demás.   

Mi compañera está luchando con algunos de las normas de la misión, y le cuesta seguir el horario.  A veces me siento mal y no sé como puedo ayudarla a cumplir para que tengamos más unidad y éxito.  ¿Tiene algunos sugerencias? No me gusta "corregir" pero es muy importante que podamos hacer las cosas bien.

Gracias Presidente.
Hasta lunes,

Hermana Woolley

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