Monday, May 11, 2015

Week 9 - Rio Tercero - May 11, 2015

We had a great time talking to Katelyn yesterday.  She looks so happy, was full of laughs and giggles and the Spirit.  She is doing very well.   We are very content too after spending that hour with her.  In the call, she was able to meet her new nephew Peyton and her soon to be sister-in-law Ashling.   Because of the call and uploading a lot of pictures (which are on her blog her letter today is shorter than usual as you will see.   At the end of the call yesterday she told Raelynn she had something for her and started to sing “Mother I love you” (primary song) in Spanish.  It was very touching and she wasn’t able to get through too many words without breaking down a little.   So, she recorded it again and sent it to us today.  I have attached it if you want to hear it [without the breakdown(s)].   

Here is her letter:

This week I am not sure if I am going to have lots of time to write, but I hope that you enjoyed our time together as much as I did.  

I have been trying to work out the  pictures and sound recordings, but it is just complicated here in another country so now I have almost wasted my whole time for nothing.  

What to say.... oh ya, if you want you can send me make up as well.  today I went and bought a serum thingy for my hair and vitamins (she is experiencing some hair loss).  But send some just in case.  I kind of dont care how I look anyways.  I would also like a new shirt or skirt or ANYTHING really.  I am done with the clothes that I have.  I understand April and her wanting of new clothes.  

It was so good talking with you and I can not believe that we wont ever talk on skype again!!!!!! Too wierd.  

Bueno, what to say.... um, today I made lunch for the two of us and now I can cook!!!!!!! thats the big news.  I make some beef steak with french fries and a lemon salad.  All from scratch.  Progress.  Hasta Luego PastaRoni and TopRamen when I return!! We also make empanadas y mate and biscuits so Im set.  

I hope all is well with the wedding and that you enjoy your week with school coming to an end.  
On sunday I will be in the dedication for the temple!!!!!!!!!  I have been dreaming for this day for so long that it is unreal that it has come.  The temple is finished and I love it.

I have only entered inside 3 times, but I cant wait to get back inside.  To research more names, and get the work done.  That is why we are here,

I am out of time and still all of the fotos of the pension that i workded so hard to clean wont update (we got most of them as you will see on her blog).

Well have a great week and talk to you sooN!!!!

Dear President!
This week, we have studied a lot in training about the Holy Ghost.  We can’t teach lessons, we need to teach people according to their needs.
One night, Sister Solar and I focused on following the Spirit to discern the needs of our new investigators.   It was a great experience and I testify that He will always guide us when we are sensitive to His whisperings.  We left 2 lesson with set dates to return and we knew that we need to teach this way.   For sure in this time of training we are going to grow a lot and become even better missionaries.
I love my companion and she is an big example in her knowledge of the scriptures and her ability to understand and explain the scriptures simply and easily.   We are learning together and growing from each other every day.
We are sad that we finally had an investigator accept the challenge to come to church, and just after our lesson he had an accident and went to the hospital.  He could not go to church the next morning.  Now, he must wait two weeks because he can’t attend the temple dedication.  It will be ok, everything in the Lord’s time.
We are excited for the conference tomorrow and we will see you there!
With Love,
Sister Woolley

Hola Presidente!

En esta semana, hemos estudiando mucho en entrenamiento del Espíritu Santo.  No podemos enseñar lecciones, tenemos que enseñar a las personas según sus necesidades.

Un noche, Hermana Solar y yo teníamos este enfoque de seguir el Espíritu en discernir las necesidades de los nuevos investigadores.  Fue una experiencia muy buena y testifico que siempre nos guía cuando estamos sensibles a los susurros.  Salimos de 2 lecciones con citas fijadas para volver, y supimos que tenemos que enseñar.  Es cierto de que en este tiempo como entrenadores, vamos a crecer mucho y llegar a ser mejores misioneros.  

Me encanta mi compañera y es un ejemplo muy grande en su conocimiento de las escrituras, y su habilidad de entender y explicar las escrituras muy simple y sencilla.  Estamos aprendiendo juntas y edificando el uno a otra cada día.

Estamos tristes porque por fin un investigador aceptó el compromiso de asistir a la iglesia, pero justo después de nuestra lección, tenía un accidente, y fue al hospital.  No pudo asistir la próxima mañana.  Ahora él tiene que esperar 2 semanas porque no puede ir a la dedicación.  Y bueno, todo en el tiempo del Señor.

Estamos animada por la conferencia y nos vemos ahí! con amor, Hermana Woolley

 Temple open house
 Old companions Sister Denning and Sister Vela
 Current companion Hermana Solar

 Empanadas she made
 Apartment Kitchen
Apartment kitchen
View from Apartment

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