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Week 1 - ¡¡¡¡Vamos Argentina!!!! Week 1 - Bell Ville July 7, 2014

Shut up! I am here! HOLY COW!!  Can you believe it? ya, me neither!  After 3 long days of travel and a night in a hotel (5000 pesos per night!) I am in my first area with my trainer! We are in Bell Ville.  It is about 3 hours away from Córdoba and I love it!  My trainer is Hermana Gonzalaz from Mexico City.  Dad, you were praying for a native companion and you got one! I can be frustrating at times because I can´t speak very well with her, but every single person here says that I am the most impressive greenie they have seen.  They say my Spanish is crazy good for 6 weeks and no más.  The accent is hard to understand so every night I go to bed with a headache after trying to make sense of eveything that is going on around me!  
I feel kind of flustered writing you on a new keyboard in a new country so hopefully I can give you enough information about my life here so you can feel comfortable and excited for me and my new life here.  

I Iove everything here.  The food,  the people, the sacrament (haha their bread is better for sacrament- especially after fasting), the alfajores.  ALL! I am having the time of my life.  Don´t worry about me!  I often feel really lost and just walk behind my companion and do what she does.  She is 23 and super sweet- from what I can understand!  I buy what she buys, I sleep when she sleeps, I pray when she prays and I cross the street when she crosses!  Just her little duckling!  

The people are so sweet and are mostly nice.  Yes, I get yelled at, whistled at, and stared at ON THE DAILY.  Sometimes I feel scared, especially when my companion makes disgusted sounds to what they say.  Maybe it is a good thing I don´t understand anything and so it is hard to be offended!
In our very first lesson, when I spoke, some teenagers we were teaching literally LAUGHED.  They laughed at me.  So I didn´t open my mouth again in that lesson.  But not to fret.  Things are different now!  I am not nervous to make mistakes and most everyone we have met knows I am just learning the language and they are nice about it.  The Branch President had us over for lunch one day and I am the first missionary from the states- let alone Utah- who drinks Coke and loves it and does not think it is a sin.  They love me already!!! But the coke here is to die for and I could drink it for days.  A coke in hand and 10 baguettes and call me fat and happy. HOwever, all that we eat is not good.  One day we were given some cake thing.  gross. That brick of fruit cake was revolting.  It sucked out every ounce of saliva in my body and I wanted to dry heave. We´ll see what happens when I drink mate.  We are allowed to drink mate but only in our pensions.  Our president is SO chill and we can have lots of fun.  He is not strict with a lot of rules so all is good.  We watch disney movies together on Pdays- Today was frozen in english.  I wanted to cry because of all the memories at home while watcing it.  Especially the Summer song and Jackson.  oh mi corazon!  I miss you all more than you know and show my family pictures in every lesson.  People think we are all adorable and I agree.  I can´t stop smiling when I show others what is so close to my heart.

I´ve already been bitten by a dog.  Glad I could just get that over with right from the get go.  But it was a moment to be grateful for my baby calves.  When the stray tried to get me, it only got a hold of the extra fabric on my boot.  No harm done.  But yes, there are dogs EVERYWHERE! I have heard it is only worse in the summer when the air is warmer.  about that.  It is sooooo cold here.  Super weird.  I feel like the  time has flown and that it is time for the holidays. but no.  It is still July just on the other side of the hemisphere.  

I almost had my first baptism on Saturday!!  This deaf kid named Oscar had his interview and passed.  We set up his date, the baptist, the clothes and everthing.  Then when we called the President to let him know of the good news, he said it was a no go.  I was pretty upset-  Oscar is so ready.  But not quite yet I guess.  All the elders in our district were joking that it must mean that I was so close to being perfect!!! Casi.  

hmm, what else is important to you--- WORLD CUP!!! Uh, Im addicted.  We can watch the games so I have seen the last two.  We watched Messi score on Wed while we were in the airport.  The whole world literally stops while the games are on.  The airport was shut down until we won.  Chaos.  We watched the other game with some investigators.  We are able to be with them a long time.  President A understands how big of a deal this is, so we can stay and watch the whole game.  Also, we stay for about 2 hours for lunch with members or less actives.  We never have dinner, only lunch so it is double the time.  Anyways, after argentina won on saturday, I thought it was a war!!!!! bombs, cannons, crazy dancing, noise for 3 hours after the game even.  Honking like out of the wazoo and country pride all around.  I can´t wait for the game this week and Argentina´s independence day. Fiesta everyday!

Also, my first impressions of Argentina: 1. Its winter- in the summer (SOOOO much fog in Buenos Aires because it is on the coast.) 2. honking maniacs always.  3. if they could cage us up in walls, the walls would be plastered with Argentina Flags and cardboard cutouts of Messi EVERYWHERE. 4. They should change the color of the emergency vehicles- green is weird.  5. all dogs need to go to heaven.  NOW!

My district is great.  They are excited to have me.  4 out of the 6 of us are from Utah so they say I am from the fabrica- the factory of missionaries hahahahaha  I love it here and the spirit is so strong.  The members are working hard to do what is right and the church is true no matter where you are in the world.  The preisthood is the same and the authority is real. 
I bore my testimony in our branch of 50 yesterday.  My heart was pounding so how could I not?  I went up there and just kept praying that waht I said would make sense.  I tried to speak from the heart.  I said that even though I don´t understand all or can´t speak well, I can still feel the spirit the same.  It is the same language to me no matter where I am in the world.  That is because the spirit speaks all languages and it is because THIS CHURCH IS TRUE!  After I sat down, my companion said that what I said was in perfect spanish.  I still don´t believe her, but after what so many said to me after the meeting, my gift of tongues is working.  I am slowly getting better.  I have a crazy long way to go, but with the help of the Lord and the Spirit in this work, miracles will come.  I know it.  This gospel is true and important for all around the world.  It is necessary for me in my life, and it is necessary for those here.  God will make a way for them to receive it and learn of the truth.  

I am happy to be here.  I do have my sad moments, but there are way more great moments than sad.  I am walking a ton- we have bikes, but it is safer to walk through the city.  This is the truth and I am a servant of the Lord.  

Read Moroni 10 vs 3 I think.  My thoughts are always of you.  I love you SO SO SO freaking much! oh my gosh! (everyone here says freak and oh my gosh- yes in english!) Nos vamos! I love you! Till next week!

Con amor, 
Hermana Woolley

¡Hola President!

I am going to write this in English. I hope that is ok! 

I am loving it here in the mission! Hermana Gonzalaz is a great example to me and I can feel her love for me even though we do not always understand eachother with the language barrier. I am learning a lot and I love the people already. 

This week I learned a lot about God. I was reading through the stories of Alma, Ammon, Amulek and Omner and more. Especially in the chapters aorund 30, it talks about how without God we are nothing, but with God, we are everything. With him, all is possilbe. With him, I can learn this language. With him, I can preach his gospel. With him, I can be an instrument in his hands and help others to feel of his love and awareness. Each of us have such a piviotal part in God´s plan of hapiness and it would not be complete without one of his children. That is why we as missionaries are here. To further his work, and learn how to fully depend on Him in all things. We have reason to rejoice, for God is on our side and his plan for us is perfect. The gospel is true and it is for everyone. Though Him, I can do what may seem impossible. These missionary stories were really inspiring to me. There were times when they were disappointed or disheartened. This is normal. However, when we realize how great things are, we can have joy and we can have peace in this life. 

I have loved getting to know the people here in Bell Ville and to meet them- They are sweet and kind and a lot of them are prepared for the gospel. We are trying our hardest to get contacts and referrals to furthur the work. Everyone deserves to hear the word, and we are the ones who can bring them the truth. I am excited that this opportunity has begun and that I am able to work under your direction. I thank you for all that you have done and helping me feel instant love. I can feel a power working with you and your sweet family. Hoorah for Israel!

Hermana Woolley

With David Johnson
With the wives of the Branch Presidency at the MTC

 Blake Griffen look alike Elder.  He is from Australia.
 Flying to Argentina.
Wearing my Argentina flag necklace.
At the Buenos Aires Temple

Our hotel room the first night.

 The temple in Cordoba with Pres. Allaiud and Hermana Gonzalez

View from the Apartment (pension)
Wanda ready to be a missionary.

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