Sunday, June 8, 2014

MTC Week 3 - June 7, 2014

Ok.  wow.  This has been THEE fastest week of the mission so far.  But, also the one where I missed you most.  But esta bien.  I still love it here with all my heart and my companionis! We really are progressing together as a companionship.  Cameron & Katelyn L. both wrote me before the mission and said "Be obedient, not every missionary is." I think I finally understand, and am trying my hardest to always do what it right.  Dad, I am glad I don't have a slow peruvian comp yet, or I would be over. hahahaha

Thanks for the packages!!! We went to Brigham's landing to use the Jamba card.  It bought enough for me and my comps! They say thanks! If you cant read the sign in the picture :)  It was crazy being in the real world and having every littel girl want to hug the sister missionaries! so sweet! It did make me sad eating a pastromi burger and corn dog at burger supreme though.  It reminded me of you at home. but it is still the greatest! I love getting packages, mom you are just too clever! We have a creamery right next to our laundry so we can go there any day we want and get everything we need.  For me, this last week I got RITZ!!! I love them and I still continue to eat them by the sleeve.  And good job on the pringles.  The fattier, saltier, and less healthy the food, the more I'll like it.  Healthy crap is for rich people who hate themselves.  But... some package suggestions- caramel brownies, scotheroos, and what ever else your heart desires.  I like both of the bags you sent and will probably use them! What is the update and getting packages back to you? I need to send some stuff home, and maybe send home a shirt to see if you can fix it! Just dearelder me the postmart answer!

On to my week! Hna Romeril is doing better, but we are still visiting the doctor with her regularly.  But finally the president got smart and had us do exchanges so we didn't miss so much class.

Ok, Spanish is getting better too.  Not perfect of course, but coming.  I hope my moments of stupidity can lighten your day, because it sure lifted my mood! It was the epitime of the Best Two Years! Remember that part when he messes up the word while asking for sliced bread and said circumsized instead? Or something about a virgin spirit visiting jospeh smith or something or "and I know that Joseph Smith was a pamphlet?" Ya remember those.  Well, They could have written in my slip for the film as well.  So, there we were in a lesson with Samuel, our new investigator who sleeps through our lessons and texts all the time.  So Finally, I had the prompting to ask him why he was meeting with us.  I simply said, with confidence (not sure if that made the moment better or worse), Que es son expiacions por esta leccion? pardon my espanol.  haha.  I ASKED MY INVESTIGATOR WHAT HIS ATONEMENTS WERE FOR THE LESSON!!!!! I meant to say- what are your expectations for this lesson. he was so confused, and I had no idea that I had said the wrong word.  He kept his cool until after the lesson, when we all broke out it laughter with tears too. Not sure if the tears were because of embarrassment or of laughter.  Probs a bit of both.  Its fine.  I'll get over it.  It was quite the moment, and one I will always remember and laugh at when I look back.  It may not be the story of tyler's being in the shower during a fire drill, but I think it has the potential of being 2nd or 3rd on the list behind E. Davis being whinnie the pooh out the window.  We shall see.  

Also some big news of the week! We started TRC! I can't believe we are old enough to do that! It seems like only the super advanced missionaries who have been here for weeks do that everyday--- ok wait thats me Haha!! It was so dreadful. Definitely the worst lesson we have had yet.  The pregnant lady we taught responded with one word answers and was not very nice.  I blame it on the prenancy.  I'm sure she has a sweet spirit hahahahahaha. and she has MASTERED the pity laugh.  Let it live on.
Another big deal was that we were able to be new missionary hosts! It was so fun to see these kids coming in with terror and shock, and just hug them and carry their bags.  I remember that day too well, and I love being able to give comfort where I can.  We have the opportunity to do it again this next week!

Im glad Jace said something to you!! I was so happy to see her even though I have never talked to her before.  Any connection between us feels like a 50 ft thick steel wire.  So so happy.  I also saw a girl from our ward in our session today, but she was out of the Celestial room too fast for me to talk to her and have her transfer hugs to you all.  Im not sure what her name is, but she is the lady that looks similar to annie bray and is not married I dont think... if that helps at all.  Well you can just hug her anyways because she was just one row in front of me- the closest you will get.  I also think I saw Tawni from a far, but she was busy, so I didn't chase her down.  

I feel like there is not much to say this week, so I will just tell you one or two more funny stories (not tons of spiritual enlightenment is coming to mind right now)! While we were at home with sick sis Romeril, a spider was in her shoe.  It was the size of a quarter.  I know I follow Tammy in the exaggerating genes, but this is no lie.  Im a missionary and I dont lie.  So what are three terrified girls to do? Attack it with a broom! We looked at it crawl onto our shower curtain from a distance, and after about 40 mins- no joke- of staring at it, getting closer, watch it flinch an inch, screaming and bolting away, I finally became the woman of the house and killed that little sucker with no mercy.  1/2 a bottle of disinfectant spray shot just the right distance to exterminate the mennis.  Then Hna, Tu'akulau, after is was dead, slammed the mop against its body until all the legs and joints were little dillweed specks in our shower.  hahahaha.  She is a big girl, but not when it comes to aranas.  
Ok last one, I can't believe that everyone is moving on with life! Chandler wedding, Rory has gained 17 lbs, new dog, and NBA champs nearly dying.  Yet here I am having the time of my life. Half of the fun is strictly because of Hna Tu'akulau.  Tyler- having someone who speaks with a different accent can lighten any mood! Remember Elder twin guy from england who loved hot pockets? ya well- Hermana Tu'akulau adores me and decided that she needed to take me under her wings. She is helping me grow up and become mature haha.  So what did she do to assist me? She body slammed me to the floor, and used a painful weapon.  TWEEZERS!! apparently she has been dying to pluck and shape my eyebrows.  I was offended that she didn't like the little toofs I had that resembled my dad. hahahahahaha. how unfortunate.  ya, our eyebrows are not our grandest quality...... anyways, now she powders them for me and makes me "look like a lady!" hahahahaha she kills me.

I may be the most hated in my district because of the amount of letters I get on the daily, but Hey, Im not complaining! Just sorry for them that they were not born to the best family in town.  Welcome to the family!  

Sorry this letter was not the most uplifting, eh.  I sure hope you had a good laugh though!!

Hasta luego!
Hermana Woolley

Use the "expiacion" daily, good luck on the pool and reading, and go to the temple!! 
Also, if you want me to respond to something, just do one separate letter of questions.  It will be easier that way to get you the info you need!

I love you fossil folks of mine and all the many that my life one to cherish! Have a great week, and I will keep on being myself here at the Westside.

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