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MTC Week 2 - May 31, 2014

Its so exciting that you are just on the other side of town drooling over each of my pictures! I feel a little torn that we can't chat, but you will enjoy this letter hopefully more than the same old... "como esta? muy bien!" convo that we would have in our chats.

 Questions to answer:
Hna M*, Hna R*, and Elder R*r are going to Cordoba.
Everyone else is going to Bahia Blanca
Except Hna T* - Lubbock TX

There are tie pins and lapels here, but we can't wear them because they are a distraction- I would love a necklace :) Im sure anything you pick would be great!!! I can get things at the book store, but there is no jewelry that I have found yet.

Choir- SO FUN!!! Eggett is a hoot.  Im so glad you were able to get in contact with him and hear that I am still alive.  haha I got my entire district and zone to join the choir! We sang Hope of Israel for Elder Nelson.  Very powerful and exciting. We practice 2x a week for one hour each

I sent you a pic of my schedule- hope you can read it

The bubbles are the gyms - 4 square in one, baskets and weights in another, and volley ball courts in the last. we eat in a trailer!!!

ok on to the week! Thank you so much for the letters and TWO PACKAGES ( yes I get dearelders whether you send it to provo, or provo west)!!!!! I was in desparate need of the tissue box, but my allergies are under control now.  I haven't had time to try on the shorts but thank you so much! Also, about the bags! Send them to me! My bag strap already broke, but I could take it to get mended.

also- I just email from my classroom- there are laptops in here for us to do our TALL studies. so super convenient.

About Sunday! What an awesome experience! We were able to watch the character of Christ by bednar- LOOK IT UP!!! it honestly changed my life and I want to do all that I can to improve myself each day.  I even shed a tear or so! haha those apostles are just able to speak with so much power and inspiration.  This mission is not about me.  This mission is not about my wants, desires or demands.  It is about others coming unto christ and letting them feel of His love in their lives.  It is serving as christ would - completely outward. So I tried this in my week.  I did service where I could.  One night is was putting Hna T's mattress on the floor while she was brushing her teeth.  It is insane how much joy can come from such a little task.  The joy can only be greater when it will be to completely change the lives of those in Cordoba, and have mine change in return as I witness their change.  This is the Lord's work and it is good.  I will give it my all to think and act as the savior would.

Our investigators- Anna Maria.  She is from Mexico City and doesn't speak english which is tough, but really helpful as well.  We have come to love her so much! Her family are member, but she hates scriptures, prayer, and church.  Anways, we have been teaching her everyday, even over skype.  It is easy to become frustrated when a lesson does not go exactly how we had hoped, but the spirit is able to work miracles.  One lesson in particular, we were just sitting there in an awkard silence.  We have been teaching about how much God loves her, and wants to hear from her.  She had prayed for us before, which was super exciting! But she still struggled with faith.  So as we sat there in silence that felt like eternity, I noticed that my heart was pounding.  Like the same amount as when I knew that I was to serve a mission.  It was so strong.  Suddenly my fear of having serious conversations faded.  I simple blurted out.  "la fe es poder." Faith is power.  She didn't say anything and I kind of panicked worrying if I had said something wrong.  Suddenly I realized she was crying.  We all began to cry.  Even though she is just our mock investigator, the words we said, and didn't say, still impacted her real life.  She then told us about how she hada just broken off her engagement, and our lesson and the spirit we brought with her truly did help her in her real life.  Talk about blessed!!!! We were so excited and humbled to be able to see the change in her life at such a crucial moment to rememember God, trust him and simple have faith.  By doing so, all that is bad can be made good once more. She accepted to be baptized on june 20th.  To say that we were beaming and excited is an understatement.  Well-- surprise surprise, she is now our night teacher.  We will continue to give her the lessons as Anna Maria, but she teaches us as herself, Hna Martinez.  She is the cutest little fireball who makes us run in class and loves food.  She served her mission in Guadalajara.  I love her so much it is unreal. Because she only speaks Spanish, it is forcing us to focus in harder, and we can't get away with english like we can when Hno Hammond teaches.  It is a difficult blessing, but one that I think we are all secretly grateful for.

We also just started teaching our first gold tag investigators named Jose, and Hely.  (Have Tyler explain to you what that is)  They speak really fast and are intimidating. In our first lesson (1 full hour crazy) we just felt like they were attacking us with questions that are impossible to answer or have no value to the gospel.  It was frustrating because we didn't really know how to handle the situation, but hopefully, our next lesson will be better.  You live, you learn, you progress, you inspire.  

Another story of the week that stood out from the constant studies and eating.  One day in class during our  quiet studies-- Elder * FARTED!!! - not just once, but 2x.  It was hilarious.. We all couldn't keep in our laughter.  As inappropriate as it was to laugh, because he was probably embarrased, it was a nice relief of stress.  You know when it is harder to not laugh in moments when it is inappropriate to? That is the definition of that moment.  My face was red as i was holding my breath so it wouldn't turn into laughter.  But you knowing me, you can guess what happened.  Every once in a while I would let that laughter slip and escape my mouth resulting in turned faces and stern looks-- or added laughter hahahaha.  Too funny for my bunny.  Freak a leak.  Im serious. 

Sorry this email is jumbled, you can arrange it for the blog better.  I have seen Mckenzie wells, Andy Olsen, Haley- alecs girl going to cambodia, ali hansen, and camilee bratt.

Thanks for the photo albums.  They are a life saver..  I look at them probably twice each day. 

Ok now for the news of the week. Hermana Romeril's asthma is really acting up and she forgot her inhaler at home.  SO... where does that leave us? Three little sisters sitting on the bus.  We had to go to the clinic.  Es no bueno.  She completely failed the breathing test 3x and had a fever of 101.7.  So we had to miss class and study at home while she drugged up with streiods to strengthen her lungs, and tons of other things.  She still has a fever today, and I feel so bad to see her so miserable.  But she is tough and brave.  Anyways- the pic of the coats.  Since she was sweating so much from her fever, the normal temp of our residence hall made her nauseous (dont mind my stupid spelling).  So we cranked it colder.  IT WAS FREEZING!!! so hermana Tu'akulau and I bundled up to do our studies. Of course it called for a picture.  I gladly took the opportunity to wear my coat.  So darn cute.  I have worn it 3 times now though.  walking outside at 7 in the morning can be kind of chilly.  hey Im not complaining.  Heck, it is so hot outside, maybe you should all be jealous that I am on my way to winter.

Hna Tu'akulau's is converted to the Lord, and is such an inspiration to me.  I just realized that I always talk about Hna T.  Don't get me wrong. I love Hna Romeril too!!! Her spanish is to die for and I want to pick it up as fast as she is.  We really are the best of friends in a little pod.  Hna romeil is THEE most gullible person I know in the world, and we are always laughing together.

I want you to know that I love you all so much!!! I will try to get some thank you cards and hand written letters out too!!! I know that this gospel is true.  One last thought before my time is up.  It just came to my mind the other night.  a few years back at EFY, we had a silent moment fro Joseph smith's martydom date.  I remember sitting there thinking, I can never repay him for what he has done for me.  I would so love to be able to say that I love this gospel enough to give my life for it. In that moment, I remember hearing distinctly the words, "Katelyn, don't you even worry like that.  I know that you would have done the exact same things for the gospel."  Wow.  right? and I guess it is true!! I have given my life to the Lord.  It may not be in the same manner as Joseph Smith, but I have turned my life over to God and Christ.  And it is the best feeling. I love this gospel, and I want to believe that I would die for it rather than deny my testimony.... and as much as you might hate me for saying this... I would die for this gospel and this perfect church.  I would do it because it is true and it is the Church of Christ.  What a blessing it is to know what we know.  That is why I am willing to give my life and fully consercrate myself to Him, so that others may feel this same happiness and gratitude.  I love it hear.  again- dont worry about me too much! I am surviving- but not only that, I have a smile on my face.

I love you all more than you imagine.  Just ask my zone and district-- they would say that I am constantly talking about you all.  Kisses from a far (5 miles maybe haha) It makes me nervous that you drive by, but I feel comfort having you so close..  Stay righteous.  Right on. I hope this all makes sense and feel free to edit what you need for the blog.  Love you little, love you big, love you all like little pigs. Have a great week my angels!!

Con amor,
Hermana Woolley

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