Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Week 11 - Carlos Paz - Mar 2, 2015

Well, the good news is that after this week of juice cleanses (I drank 8 liters of juice in 48 hours- dont tell grandpa) and TONS of cakes and dulce de leche, I am NORMAL!!!!! My current weight is mellowing out and I now weigh 135 lbs 5´11.  Which means my BMI is NORMAL!!!!! woohooo! I have finally learned how to control myself when a member will put out a loaf of tempting bread on the table, and I let a tub of dulce de leche sit in the fridge without devouring it in seconds. I think I was about 128 when I left to go to the MTC. I can die happy. Haha.  I am eating my share though.  Too tasty.

Will you still love me when I´m no longer young and beautiul??????? That is the true question.

Now I´m 20, and the years start losing track from here.  I had a great birthday and we partied hard.  I woke up and my companion made me some bomb biscuits.  We also ate tacos with one of my favorite members, and Rocio made me a cake.  It made me think of the cake that Harry gets from Hagrid.  jaja.  I also opened the package from the ward and I loved reading the cute letters.  Kids are my favorite and it really is so great to be able to understand the kids here now!  I love to speak and tease with them.  I really have thought a lot about coming back and being an elementary school teacher. Also, the sisters made me some yummy cakes, and agave me alfajores, and chocolate milk entonces (then)... Where could you go wrong?  I rather enjoyed my day.  

The best part was when we were able to teach a lesson that went super well.   The birthday miracle I was waiting for.  We had just come out of a tough lesson with an offended inactive (her daughter was so upset with her at one point in the lesson that she yelled, and walked out), and I was feeling down and worried in not knowing how to clam her doubts.  We came up to our next appointment and we were just blowing of some steam talking about how frustrating it is when someone doesn´t understand, or want to understand how the Atonement truly applies to them when they have complete faith.  We were little angry elfs.  Not in the right mood.  I was also upset because I just wanted to have a good memorable birthday. We finally decided that it would be best to ask or the spirit to guide us and accompany us once again.  We said a quick prayer outside the house.  WE entered in and had such a great lesson.  Ad* told us that she quit her job so that she does not have to work on sundays, and that she wants to get back to the temple.  We talked a whole bunch about family history work (MOM AND DAD I LOVED YOUR STORIES OF HISTORIA FAMILIAR this week. also, now I have the pictures you sent in the package to add to my family booklet. I have almost finished teh whole thing and researched and translated for each of my ancestors hasta (up to) my 8 biabuleos (grandparents). It is so fun learning about each of them!!!) Anyways, we shared some scriptures about the temple, and the work we do inside.  She now has plans to work with another menos activo (less active)  (the consultant) to do her family history work and be baptized for her mother.  She is going to do that in her spare time instead of smoke.  God is a god of miracles.

This week was pretty cold and rainy which really made it feel like february for my birthday.  On one day, there were some crazy floods in CBA Capital and we had to drive through actual rivers in tme main streets.  They said that it rained the same amount of rain they receive in 1 month in the total of 7 hours.  It was a straight downpour.

We also ate our cares away with an asado de pollo (bbq chicken) with the elders.  They made me brownies and bought ice cream and we enjoyed it together even trhough they are a bit awkward.  

All in all it has been a great week.  Also, a prime moment was when Hna Dennis and I sang the US National Anthem at the beginning of our companionship studies.  It was super fun and funny as we sang with all of our heart and reached for the super high embellished note.  I am loving Argentina though.  But it was fun to just share a moment ya know?

Know that I am happy and I am safe.  Por lo menos (more or less), I am not in "Malas" Aires like an elder says instead of Buenos Aires. 

Thanks to all for the birthday wishes.  I love you all.  

Hermana Woolley
Hurrah for Israal!

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