Saturday, May 24, 2014

MTC Week 1 - May 24, 2014

IM HERE AT LA CCM!!!!!!!!!

can you believe it? I am here!  I am absoultely loving it.  We work really hard each day and have multiple hours of study.  I will try to get a picture to you of my scedule next week.  We feel a bit lost because we have no preisthood (zone leaders etc) because they all just were shipped out last week (like Elder shaner broderick!!! My branch and zone know him!!!) Another Orem connection --- Hermana Jessica Pukahi is in my residence hall and my zone.  Kristen tell jeremy all about it :) We are so excited to be together.  I am having so much fun.  We laugh ALL THE TIME!! probably too much... haha but it is an absolute blast here.

As you can see- saturdays are my preparation day.  We went to the temple this morning for the 7:20 or 7:40 session.  so STAY CLEAR!!! haha.  we then printed off our emails, and are now responding.  We also need to write a talk in spanish, do laundry, clean our residence hall, eat, and so much more.  WE ARE ALWAYS SO BUSY!! ah I love it.  It means we are learning so much and progressing ever minute of the day.  

ok on to the wonderful people!
Mis comanaras are Hermana Kelby Romeril - Hemet, Cali (the girl I connected with on fb- both going to cordoba! super cali valley girl if that makes sense) and Hermana Tui Tu'akalau (to walk allow = prounciation) - she is a tongan from NZ but has been in San Jose since 2007.  She is so tight.  She is 23 yrs old, with tattoos and a golden tooth.  I have so much respect from her.  She is teaching me a lot and we have so much fun together! I wish you could all meet her.  She is going to Lubbock TX.  I wish you could meet all the amazing people here.  It is definitely the Lord's campus, and we are learning so much so fast.  

We are constantly busy, which is so good.  One thing that really stuck out to me on the first day, was we sang "We'll bring the World His truth" with the incoming missionaries.  As the words were displayed on a screen, some of the words were different.  Instead of saying, "and we will be," the words said in bold "AND WE ARE NOW THE LORDS MISSIONARIES TO BRING THE WORLD HIS TRUTH!"   uh, holy cow.  hahaha- eh jajajaja What a calling.  D&C 31:3.  We also met some investigators the first day and tried to teach them.  No time to waste!  I was amazed by how much love I had for these people I barely know.  It must be because I am feeling HFs love for them.  I feel so honored, and privledged to be una siervo del Senor Jesucristo de la Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias. (it took us about 10 minutes to master saying that, and kept saying it faster each time, so now you can just call us fluent)

Our district has 7 people (E, Giliam (Zone Leader - ya on the second day!)- Alaska (worst gringa accent when speaking spanish haha), E Evans (Zone Leader)-  Auburn Cali, he is a purebred ginger with the greatest personality, E. Anderson,- Florida, the OPITIME and EXACT replica of Dave Meyers in our ward.  It is crazy how much they are alike.  His jokes = priceless, but the facial expressions take the cake., E. Royster(District Leader)- West Virginia- he reminds me of someone but Im not sure who so I'll get back to you on that. In addition to these 4 elders, is our trio!  Hna Morris and Pukahi are in a separate distirct with thetir own teacher because they are on intermediate spanish-but we still spend SO much time with them both!)  I LOVE THEM ALL.  We all keep mentioning how bizarre it is that we feel like we have known each other for ever.  We get along so great, and are trying our hardest to learn espanol and the language of the spirit- BUT! we have THEE greatest maestro.  Herrmano Micheal Hammond.  (he was in Amber's mish, and he says hola!)  He is so patient, kind, encouraging, and great.  

yet, we are not the greatest district.  We keep calling ourselves the lost district.  On the second day, we got on a bus to go to the cougar stadium chapel to an important meeitng.  Come to find out, we got on the wrong bus and it took us to main campus.  From there we had a personal shuttle to the chapel.  They were laughing so hard at us because apparently we are the first ones ever to do something so stupid.  From there, we got to the Cougar Chapel, to realize all of the doors were locked.  I was so nervous that we would get in so much trouble for being in the wrong place.  I just want to be exactly obedient.  Anyways, so we hopped back in the shuttle, and found that we were not supposed to leave the west campus for the meeting at all.  We were just supposed to go to the chapel here.  SO EMBARRASSING.  So we ended up being 45 minutes late to our meeting, and then felt awful as we had to leave early to go BACK to main campus for immunizations (not me- haha I was prepared, but mis companeras needed some)  It was quite the struggle and we were constantly confused about our schedule and the bus schedule.  (we now know it comes every 30 mins haha) We felt bad for wasting so much time, but it leaves lots of room for improvement.  Apparently, there were people searching for us everywhere when we were lost.  When we finally got to the right place, phone calls had to be made back to main campus to inform we were found and ok.  Not the greatest first impression, I know, we were just so innocently lost.  hahaha.  

Gym time is fun, but Hna. Morris is like Jilian MIchaels.  She pushes us so hard each time, and FOR SURE I will be in such good shape before I leave the MTC.  We felt so cool once we were able to witness what the big white domes look like on the inside.  haha.  Ok.  We live in Wyview (building 19), and walk to class in Raintree, have a bookstore, and cafeteria in big trailers (like the classroom ones in cali) and gym in domes.  Everything is so nice and new, with lots of room - except for the fact that we don't have any floor in our residence halls because of the mattress for our trio.  We have to walk A LOT!, but it is excellent practice!  

Now onto Friday, WHAT A DAY!! we had 11 hours of study.  ya. you read that right.  eleven. once.  11. such a long day.  We were so nervous because a lot of things were planned.  We had to teach our first lesson- EN ESPANOL!!!!!  ya.  so overwhelming.  We still know ZERO SPANISH!  It ended up going really well and for our companionship, it lasted over ten minutes.  Our teacher will be so proud because he said his first lesson was only 2 minutes.  We are doing great, but still have so far to go.  

On friday, we also learned how to present yourself (like in a street contacting situation or door approach), how TO PRAY! in spanish, and we also memorized Nosotros Proposito en espanol.  We read the entire missionary handbook, we sing multiple times each day from the himnos, and killing it.  

Dont worry about me.  I am having the time of my life.  Though the days are long, and tiring, we are trying our hardest to be the best we can. I a little bit feel guilty that you guys are mourning at home, and here, I am always so happy and excited.  Honestly, I am on top of the world.  

I love you all, and am so excited to hear from you! Thanks for the letters, and dearelders.  I truly is like christmas everyday as the mail is distributed.  SO BRING IT ON!!! never stop.  I love reading how everything is going, and it always brightens my day to be reminded of your love.  

con amor, 
Hermana Woolley :) I tried to get out all I wanted to say so I really hope it makes sense!! If not, you understand how I feel here.  NOTHING MAKES SENSE! The constant sound of spanish is frustrating, but Im catching on :) ps. you were right about survivor. I dont care anymore haha

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