Thursday, April 17, 2014

Temple Days

One of the greatest blessings of going on a mission is being able to be endowed in the House of the Lord.  I love to go to the temple.  In fact, since receiving my own endowment on February 21, 2014, I have gone with my mom for our own little "Temple Tuesday" every week.  We have the spirit, lunch and bonding chats.  What could be better???  I have been to 4 temples since and I love serving others. 

For my own endowment I was flooded with support and love.  Unfortunately, we didn't get a huge picture with everyone that was there, but as they each walked into the ordinance room, tears filled my eyes.  I have so many who love me, and what a great place to be reunited -- inside the temple!  Another surprise that really touched me was having Heidi (Robins) and Adam Lewis there as well.  They just happened to be there and were able to attend the same session.  It was so sweet to have my idols there too!! Haha - I always tease with them how I am obsessed with them.  

Here is a list of all who came: Grandma Lambert (She sewed and brought me my own temple apron! I love to wear it and be reminded of her!), Grandma & Grandpa Woolley, Dave & Melanie, Natalie, Derek, Scott & Sarah, Andrew, Alec, Ken & Sara, Staci & Danny, Mom & Dad, Allison & Dan, Tyler--- Man I love them all so much! What a blessing it is to be sealed with them for ETERNITY!  So much joy!
My live endowment at the Provo Temple
After the session with my fam!!
 A windy day at Manti.  We also went down with my Grandma W, Grandpa W, Scott & Sarah, and Alec & Andrew.  It is very beautiful inside!
Salt Lake with the sis - Kristen
Salt Lake getaway with the whole gang
Salt Lake Temple
Mount Timpanogos Temple

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