Saturday, February 8, 2014

Called to Serve

I have been called to the Argentina Córdoba Mission.
I report to the Provo MTC on May 21st 2014.

I'm so excited! It almost doesn't seem real! In fact, about five minutes before I opened my call, my parents said, "Any last wishes? It has already been assigned... so no jinxing now!" ---- HAHA PSYCH!  My last request was that I did not want to speak Spanish.  Yet, obviously Heavenly Father had other plans... haha! I couldn't be more excited to give the Lord my best... even if that means learning Spanish!  He knows me so well because I'm staying in Provo for a few weeks to ween myself away.  Also -- MORE PACKAGES! right on. This call is from God, and it is for me!
Mi familia (Tyler, Mom, Allison, Dan, Dad)-- Kristen was at YWs

My voice and hands were so shaky!!

Woolley Missionaries!  Me and my best buddy cousin Alec.  (he is serving in Fresno, Cali Spanish speaking too!)

Argentina buddies!! One served in Salta, the other in Neuquen
Here's the map folks!
With the full time missionaries! I love Sister Albrechtsen and Sister Garding!

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