Monday, April 21, 2014


This Easter Sunday was such a great one.  It was a day to take the sacrament.  It was a day to have my prayers answered.  It was a day to visit those I love.  It was a day to be with family.  It was a day to testify of Christ.  It was a day of love and laughter.  It was a day of gratitude.

How could this day have been so great you may ask? BECAUSE OF HIM

I love this video that has been seen by so many.  For Easter, I was able to ponder, reflect, and feel the spirit as I thought of all that has been made possible through my Savior, Jesus Christ.  We talked about this in Relief Society today so I may be copying what others have said.  There are SO many things that he has done for me. I'm telling you.  The list could go on forever.  But I just want to focus on a few that are relevant to me at this stage in my life.

  •  Because of Him....I can be am forgiven
  •  Because of Him....I can be am happy
  •  Because of Him... I am loved
The things that have brought me the greatest joy in this life is my family, and my Savior.  He made it all possible.  He gave me my family.  And more importantly, he gave us eternity.  He has not only made me happy, he will continue to do so.  He not only has forgiven me, but he will continue to do so. These are blessings that I already have received, but it doesn't stop there.  His love is infinite, and his mission real.
  • Because of Him....I can be confident
  • Because of Him... I never have to be alone.
I'm not sure how many of you have served missions or even considered it.  Let me let you in on a little secret.  it is freaking scary - terrifying even at times. Preparing for a mission has been so difficult as my outlook and attitude can quickly change.  It is a constant roller coaster of up's and down's.  Lately, I have felt like I have been on a deep down.  Time is getting short.  The day is approaching and I find myself second guessing every decision I have made up to this point.  I have spent tons of time in the temple.  I have spent tons of time on my knees, yet the relief never seemed to come.  Until today.  Watching this video and just trying to imagine the slightest pain and sorrow that Christ felt through the Atonement and Crucifixion was difficult enough.  Then thinking of the joy, love, peace and hope that came through his resurrection brought tears to my eyes, and a pounding heart.  And this can only be a sliver of what I can feel.  I don't need to have fear for my mission.  I don't need an angel to confirm to me that this religion is true.  I don't need to worry of the rejection, loneliness and homesickness that will surely come.  Because of Him.  He lives.  Therefore the testimony I will be sharing is real and I can be confident in this infinite, saving, glorious, and joyful message of the gospel with his return.  He atoned for me.  Therefore he will always be by my side with complete understanding and complete love. Even when the door is slammed in my face.  Even when my Spanish is painful to listen to.  Even when I miss home.  He will be there.

He is there for all like he is there for me.  He lives and so can we.  What joy this brings.

I love my Savior.  I know he lives.  I know he is present in my life because I allow him to be.  I know he will come again, and I know because of him, I am forgiven, I am happy, I am loved, I can be confident, and I never have to be alone.  There is no need to fear when my Savior is near.  

This is why I am serving a mission and this is what I will be sharing with those in Argentina.  Because it is truth.  Because of Him.  I want all who are willing to experience this snippet of eternal joy I have thus experienced.  He has helped me through my lows, and he will help you too.  It is his perfect nature, character and love.

Let Him in - because he is real, and he is love.

Why am I willing to take 18 months of valuable time out of my life when school, dating, travel, adventure, family, and friends remain -- to serve a mission?  


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