Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Week 16 - Nueva Cordoba - November 3, 2015

ok.  This week was yet another week FULL of emotions and what not.  We had 2 conferences (one with president and his wife, and the other with the president of area ELder walter F Gonzalez), a temple trip ( I bawled as I steped foot in that celestial room and now I am a proved model that the water proff mascara I have works!) , and  a Leadership counsil with all the zone leaders and sister leaders and the president.  Baiscally... all in all a week full of revelation and desires to change, repent, and give it all Ive got.
In one of the conferences I was asked to give my last testimony (mi testimonio fiel).  It is awful becaue all of my comps, and friends, and leaders are staring at you with a silence that kills.  There are often tears, and nerves, and so much more.  As I stood up there to rendir cuentas a little bit about my mission and what it means to me, I was surprised that I did not feel nervous.  I had prayed a great deal before, only pleading to be able to feel the spirit testify through me.  And the truith is, I have no idea what I said, or what I had planned to say, but I sure did feel the spirit.  I know that what I am doing here is right, and that it means the world to me.  Then everyone started telling me goodbye.  What a hear wrenching experience.
To update you on some things--
K*a- Remember how we found her and the other family through a miracle??  well. it was shortlved.  After passing by 3 millino times, her husband opened the door and gave us back the book of mormon.  It hurt, and I would be lying if I said that I didnt cry as we walked away from that home.  They need the gospel, but have chosen another path.  The other family also told us that it would be impossible to meet up with them. It can be discouraging being a missionary sometimes, but they are moments that I am sure that I will miss dearly.  There is nothing like being down and having a great companion at your side who makes you laugh, or suggests to go get ice cream.  I am scared of being alone when I get home.... jajaj truth comes out.  These are sacred moments that only help us get stronger with each experience. 
Halloween- doesnt exist here.  They say that it s diobolic.  how sad right? So, a Hna tulian (mini misisonary) came back to viist us and played us the monster mash.  That was how I enjoyed my night.  However, me and Hna Ascuña, and Hna Ortiz all put on black and white to try to dress up a little bit.  We forgot to take the pic, pero bueno.  YOu win this year with your costumes
another torture that I am currently living...... today an elder returns home from his mission in chile to come back to the ward.  We have spent the last week doing everything for this overstressed mom in the preparations of her sons arrival. She has been so nervous that she has had diarreah and vomits for 1 week now.  Please dont tell me that you at home are so emotionally exhausted that this is happening to you because it is loco......  Just keep being you and all willbe well.  We have been oing lots of cute crafts from pinterest to decorate the church, and much more.  ya... puts me beyond trunky.  Then the Hermana Baca looks and me and just hugs me and says "sorry that this is so close to home... BUT MY SON IS ON HIS WAY!!!!!"  she then will squeeze me so hard that I truly thought that my ribs were ghoing to be broken--- like grandpa woolley.  I now understnad.  So my expectations for the HOMECOMING:... I want people in the airport, I want signs, I want hugs, and I want tears.  Bring it on!  It will be a moment that we will only experience once and I want it to be sacred!  I would also love to stop by the temple on the way home since I get in at 10:30 that morning!!!  and go with all the fam :))
I am not quite sure what else to expect or say.  I just want to get home to you .
Travel plans- still dont know when or how I will be getting to buenos aires.... but this next week I should be getting the run down.  When the decretary handed me my itenerary yesterday.  I also cried, but I am not sur itf they were quite the same tears as dads-  overwhelming no mas.  also, you bought me a car???????? que????????  You think that after living in this country of awful drivin gthat I will be willing to drive one of those things when i get home.... and  in. the. snow.  jajajaja 
One last spiritual thought.
Today as I was studying, I came across a verse that says that the fruit of the tree of life is the most precious. above all other things.
yet, what does it reperesent?- the love of god.
However, there is  another scripture that is quite similar.  What is the greatest gift we can recieve- above all other gifts?  Eternal life.
I began to think.... Do these have a connection?
I believe so.  Why is eternal life so great?  Because there we will be able to always feel of the love of god as we live in his precense with our families.  This is pure happiness and it is greater above all things.
ON sunday my comp gave the lesson in RS about the love of god, and there were many tears shed in an example she gave.  I loved it and will share it with you when I am home.  remind me to tell you about it and the feelings and imp`ressions i had. 
I am out of time.

sorry i couldnt uplaod pictures of the week.  You will see them soon enough! 
I hope you have the greatest week yet, and keep on praying for me and Hna Ascuña.  We send you our love!!!
con amor,
Hermana Woolley