Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Last Email Home - Week 17 - Nueva Cordoba - November 9, 2015

Ok, I have put off enough time not writing this last letter home to you.  I cant believe that it has all come to an end.  But ready or not, it has come.  

I truly want to thank you two for being the constant support.  You dont know how many misionaries I have come to meet and know who many times will go weeks without getting a letter.  However I always was sure to see an email from my fossils.  I have treasured this time and your words have been inspiring.  I have every email printed out (however they wont be able to come home with me.. its a lot of paper and a lot of weight) and stored.  I often went back through to reread, and even study.  In my P Blessing it encourages me to rely and look to my parents in the decisions in my life.  Without you even knowing, in these 18 months, I have looked to you to find my answers.  Often times, answers were found even though you had no clue of the question.  Thank you for staying true.  Thank you for being worthy and for loving me.  It means more than you will ever know.  I also think that now we will be the greatest of friends because here in the mission I have gotten used to speaking to the parents in all of the families.  It will be just like home!  

These 18 months have been full of learning and growth and I see how the Atonment continues to change me.  Yesterday I gave my last class, and I feel honored to be here doing what the Lord has sent me to do.  I know that the Atonement is so real.  As we were conversing in the class of Gospel Principles, I was remebered once again of a Mr Keyes Phrase.  our goal should be to INSPIRE and not IMPRESS.  

Christ lived by this rule.  Why did he come? To lead us to our father in heaven.  He did not come to "one up" or to "beat all".  He came to inspire us through his actions, faith, obedience, love, diligence, and patience.  He came to inspire us through his Atonement.  He has inspired me and I will continue to give my all so that I may be able to live with Him, my father and my family más allá.  Like dad always said, the atonement is the most motivating act that we have here on this earth. 

Let us put it to use.  Let us inspire others with the testimony of hope in that our savior lives.  In that our father loves us beyond measure.

As my companion and I were studying the other day, she found the answer to one of her greatest questions.  How can we be more grateful to our father in heaven?  There are many possible answers, but the one that we like best : to be happy in sharing this happiness.

God has given me everything.  He has given me my family, the gospel, the priesthood, my mission, covenants, food, prayer-- even his own son.  How can I show him my gratitude?  I can be happy with what he has given me. 

I am honored to have been able to serve him with happiness and a spirit of constant repentance in these times, but the service and grateful happiness doesn´t stop here.

Also this week we had a great successful activity as we had a FHE in the church.  Many conversos, investigadores, miembros activos y menos activos were present!  

We did a little show!  We acted out this story from President Hinckly of Big Tom and little Jimmy.  We had fun as the misionaries being the roudy classmates, then as Big tom found that his lunch had been stolen, a 16 yr old (mentally special) youth from the ward offered himself to be whipped and beaten instead of the young hungy boy.  Quickly a silence feel upon the whole room and the older sister of the special ed boy had tears flowing in her eyes.  Big tom (david from our ward) was able to bring a spirit of peace and gratitude and love with his flawless sketch.

It truly was a moment that I will never forget.

We are full with miracles this week and I hope to be able to finish well.

I love you all so much and I cant believe that it is just around the riverbend.

Hoorah for Isreal because Christ lives.  He is our Savior and the plan of redemption is being realized.  We have proof.

con mucho amor (for the last time... signing out)

Hermana Woolley

also, today we have pday de zona, entonces estare haciendo ( will be doing) trunky shopping muy muy rapido, y despues, hemos alquilado un toro mecanico!!!! (later we rented a mechanical bull) Yee haw! hahaha.  so I wont be getting on email (later) mas tarde- any last words-- its now or never


  1. Dear Katelyn, I am pleased to know that there are such a kind and sacrificial girl in this world. What you do is worth a great credit.
    Thank you, dear.
    Best wishes,

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